Types of Packaging Machines and How to Buy Them

Packaging Products

The packaging machine is a broad mix of machines that covers various industries. Today, numerous packaging machines are available that are capable of filling liquids, wrapping products, weighing products, and protecting products from transportation and storage.

25 Packaging Machines with Images and Descriptions

These machines come in different sizes but perform the same functions. There are various custom and standard packaging machines around the world. Here are some of the common packaging machines used globally.   

  • Accumulators – It is usually placed at the end of the packaging line to sort and pick up the finished product. This machine spins the product in the collection areas and saves space. Accumulators vary in size and configuration, on the basis of the application and the product to be packaged. 
  • Air Pillow Machines – This machine loads air into pouches to make an air pillow. This air pillow is later used to cushion the products during transit. Air minimizes the gaps in the package and prevents the product from moving during shipping.
  • Bag Openers – Using air, this packaging machine opens various bags. It is a perfect alternative for high-speed bulk bag filling operations. Almost all, bag openers prefer wicketed poly bags or bags on rolls. The product is inserted for packaging while the air inflates the bag. 
  • Bag Sealers – This machine is used to completely cover the bags made of a wide variety of materials. Most bag sealing devices are available with flat wire seals to create wider and stronger seals. 
  • Bagging Machines – In the case of this packaging machine, products are poured into bags after opening them. It lets users place fixed amounts of products into bags all the time.
  • Capping Machines – It can be used along with jugs, bottles, and jars for applying lid caps after filling the container. It is possible to add cappers to completely automated packaging lines, which can cap around thousand of products in an hour.
  • Carton Sealers – In the case of this machine, boxes are closed using tape. Once the box passes through the carton sealer, the tape will be applied. Top and bottom carton sealers ensure to seal all the sides of an open box. It is imperative to use the right tap to reduce damage to the product and improve efficiency.
  • Case Erectors – Flat boxes can be folded so that products can be smoothly added to them. It is placed before a carton sealer and at the beginning of a packaging line.
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  • Checkweighers – By using a conveyor belt, a check-weigher accurately adjusts the weight of the product that passes through the conveyor belt. It allows a user to set the desired weight and if the product does not meet the desired weight, the conveyor belt will pause. 
  • Conveyors – It takes the products from one place to another place. This machine can be used in the packaging line at any time. The continuous packaging line is completely automated with a conveyor belt. 

How to Purchase a Packaging Machine

 You can buy a packaging machine either online or from a vendor. However, before planning to purchase a packaging machine for your needs, you have to consider the following:

  • Budget –   The first thing is to allocate some amount of money that you are planning to spend on the machine.
  • Specifications – Consider the machine specifications to determine the further development of the machine from the viewpoint of its technical performance.
  • Dimension of Storage –  You need to consider the space available on your business premises
  • Technical support –   When purchasing packaging machines, you need to station your crew members for technical assistance. In addition to that, make sure to purchase your machine from those manufacturers who are willing to give you technical support whenever you want.