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Containerboard & Corrguated Containers

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Ultra-Soft Corrugated Packaging. Andersoft is a tissue-laminate product that provides excellent abrasion resistance. It is fully-recyclable, fully-convertible, and it has proven a superior replacement for poly bags, micro foams and wax coatings. Andersoft maximizes protection for your products shielding against appearance-marring scratches, nicks and abrasions combined with structural strength. Available in either single face, single wall or double wall, and in one or two-sided combinations, Andersoft can be custom designed to fit any application.


  • Eliminates scratching
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Compatible with all corrugated waste streams. Waste does not require segregation from other fibre board
  • Structurally designed to specifications
  • Presentation appeal
  • Reduced inventory
  • Structural strength, added cushioning fit any application.


  • Non-abrasive recyclable substitute for plastic and paper packaging
  • Provides structural strength for rough handling and crush resistant
  • Available as single face, single wall and double wall in many configurations.

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