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APPLICATORS: Model 511 Valve Bag Applicator

The Model 511 multi-tube valve bag applicator automates the placement of valve bags on the filling tubes of up to four valve bag packers. This fully automatic cycle provides paced operation at up to 20 bags a minute. The bag storage section of the applicator can be reloaded with no interruption in production. It is equipped with an ejector system to remove bags if the duckbill cannot enter the bag valve, allowing production to continue without operator attention. The 511 valve bag applicator is very versatile. It applies a wide range of bags quickly, and easily adjusts for changes in bag width or length, resulting in minimum changeover time on multi-size operations.

The modular design and internal wiring allow for simple and quick installation. The 511 is built to be reliable and insure maximum production. The reliability of the Model 511 is supported by many design features, including a positive, mechanical valve-opening duckbill and bag gripping mechanical claw to apply valve bags to the filling tubes. Only the highest quality electrical, electronic and pneumatic components are used. The solid state electronic programmable controller is equipped with remote I/0 and servo-drive controller for precise encoder positioning. Troubleshooting of sensors, motors, and other components is performed via touch screen controls.

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