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AIR PACKERS: 770 GWC-II Force Flow Packer

As inventors of the Force Flow packer, SSCC capitalized on its vast experience and designed the newest generation of its most successful packer, the Model 770. The 770 GWC-II's versatility enables it to handle a wide range of products, powders, granular and pellets; and accommodates all types of valve bags and valve sizes.

The 770 GWC-II sets the standard for excellence in the packaging industry. It is truly state-of-the-art and will outperform any packer in its class. The proven rugged design and highest quality components assure maximum continuous production. The 770 GWC-II's computer capabilities combined with Smurfit-Stone's patented and proven accurate scale system far surpass the weighing capabilities of any other existing valve bag packer.

The 770 GWC-II is accurate, productive and reliable. Field results often yield a weighing accuracy of +/- 1 ounce at 2 sigma in many applications. Automatic high speed filling reduces packaging operation costs. Statistical Process Control information is presented "live" on a video screen. This information and production data is easily adjusted by the ability to communicate to the plant host computer or printer via modem.

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