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AIR PACKERS: The 787 Series Force Flow

The 787 Series Force Flow packers are flexible. They can handle a wide range of materials from powders to granular and pellet products plus accommodate all types of valve bags with a wide range of valve sizes. The packers are modularly designed for easy multiple installation of two, three or four units. This flexibility allows the maximization of manpower, and units can be added when needs change. One operator can easily control up to four side-by-side units.

The 787 packers are accurate, efficient and clean. Low-pressure air drives the product and helps it flow more freely and uniformly. Simple adjustments make changeover from product or container size quick and easy. These packers are designed to provide years of service. The dependable, heavy-duty packer components are arranged in a simple, low maintenance design, which results in high production with minimum operator effort.

The 787 Series Force Flow packers are available in three models:

  • The 787F feedgate model is designed for minimum headroom areas and handles products from powders to pellets.

  • The 787P plug stack model is for abrasive products.

  • The 787A atmospheric model is designed for fluidizable powders.

The 787 DM series force flow packer is identical to the 787 series packers but includes an electronic weight controller.

The DM series packers offer ease of use. The front keypad panel enables the operator to quickly adjust packer settings and rapid bag weight changes. The DM scale is equipped for both bulk and bulk/dribble weighing options and the 787 DM packer can interface with a printer to provided printed bag weight information.

The 787 DM Series is available in the same three models as the 787 Series.

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