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PALLETIZER: The Model 110 AP Automatic Palletizer

The Palletizer combines proven mechanical and control features to provide a sophisticated yet practical and easy to operate fully automatic unit. The Model 110 AP with its standardized modular design handles many bag patterns, bag sizes, and pallet types. Its versatility maximizes investment value. The palletizer is a proven showstopper when displayed at the Powder & Bulk Solids tradeshow or in Smurfit-Stone's own customer-friendly test lab. The Model 110 AP provides increased productivity and lower packaging costs. The palletizer is an integral part of a total bag packaging system.

Smurfit-Stone has accomplished practical automation of the simple act of placing bags on pallets by removing the drudgery of this repetitive, mechanical task and getting the operator out of an often-unpleasant environment.

Numerous options for the Model 110 AP automatic palletizer include: an overhead bag turner, a slip sheet dispenser, plastic link belt conveyor at bag turning and row forming section, automatically adjusting, powered layer-squaring plates, and a touchscreen control station mounted on an observation platform.

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