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Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation (SSCC) Bag Packaging Equipment division, can fulfill all your bag packaging equipment requirements.

SSCC can provide you with all your packaging equipment needs from automatic bag application to bag filling, bag sealing and palletizing equipment. SSCC offers a complete bag packaging system, or any part of a bag packaging system. We have nearly one hundred years of bag and packaging experience from Bates, St. Regis, Champion and Stone Container - our predecessor companies.

Multi-disciplinary engineers work with the field sales force to develop specific equipment and systems that are economical and practical for each particular situation. Systems engineers integrate the various components necessary to provide efficient performing systems to ensure smooth installation and start-up. The equipment is then fabricated, machined, painted, assembled, inspected and tested, then crated and shipped from our Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, facility.

The secret of our success is simple. We understand that customers need more than just a piece of hardware. Our commitment to innovation, quality and service insures that our customers get equipment tailored to their specific needs. Our sales, service, and engineering people know the industry. We provide durable, quality, state-of-the art equipment, reliable service, training classes and spare parts.

With our commitment to excellence, Smurfit-Stone remains the leader in bag packaging equipment and systems.

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