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Smurfit Concrete Column Forms

Smurfit Concrete Column Forms™ successfully fill the need for a one-time fiber form that reduces the cost of pouring round columns, piers, piles, underpinning, and for encasing wood and steel piling.

Smurfit Forms can be easily and quickly set in place. The lightweight forms are easy to handle, brace and anchor.

They can be readily cut and notched to fit beam tie-in, structural framing, and to form pilasters.

The quality-built tubes produce clean, smooth columns at a lower cost than other methods of forming. Save time and reduce labor costs. Reduce handling, installation and storage costs. Eliminate investment of permanent forms. Minimize stripping time and clean-up. Aids in proper curing of the concrete.

STORAGE - Round Smurfit Forms are ruggedly constructed, but should be protected from rain and moisture on job site until used to insure proper column forming. Smurfit Forms should be stored on framing at least 4 inches off the ground and covered over ends and entire surface. Use of clear polyethylene films is not recommended.

PLACING - Lightweight Smurfit Forms can be lifted or carried easily to set in place. For large sizes or long lengths, block and tackle or crane is used to slip Smurfit Forms over reinforcing steel.

POURING - Concrete is poured by conventional methods. Continuous or sectional pours are possible to fit job conditions (see chart on rate of pour). If, after installation, a delay occurs before pouring, cover top and raise Smurfit Forms off ground with a block to prevent damage from standing water.

STRIPPING - Reliable release agents assure easy removal of Smurfit Forms. Forms should be stripped after concrete has set. To strip, set power saw blade to just less than thickness of form and make a vertical cut. Any sharp blade will then cut inner lining. Complete removal of form with any broad-bladed tool. Forms may also be stripped by unwinding. Recommended stripping time for easier removal is 24 to 48 hours after pouring. To protect columns during construction, strip forms, then replace and hold with temporary fastening.



Please click on the Guide Specs button for access to downloadable Guide Specifications that are written according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Format contained in the CSI Manual of Practice.


Round Smurfit Concrete Column Forms™ are available in sizes from 2 inches in diameter to 48 inches in diameter, in lengths up to 50 feet.

  • Heavy Wall - Plastic coated. A premium quality fiber column form for use when job circumstances dictate that a stronger form is needed or for columns, piers, etc., that exceed 18 feet in height.

  • Medium Wall - Plastic coated. Widely used for exposed columns. Interior is plastic coated to facilitate release; exterior is wax coated for moisture resistance. Produces true well-formed columns that meet most construction demands.

  • Light Wall - Plastic coated. For exposed columns not exceeding 12 feet in height. Similar construction as Medium, with thinner wall.

Special orders of Smurfit Concrete Column Forms™ can be built to specifications and are available upon request.


Smurfit Concrete Column Forms™ should be securely braced at top and bottom. Use a chute or tube when dropping concrete more than 10 feet. Slump should not exceed 6 inches.

Increased rates of pour can be tolerated in an emergency, providing close inspection is maintained on bottom of form for any weakness that may occur. Care should be exercised when lowering Smurfit Forms over steel to prevent marring or scratching release agent or other damage to form.



When storing, cover ends of tube to keep out rain and snow.

Store in vertical position if possible with arrow pointing up.

After placing in position, block up and cover to prevent moisture damage before concrete is poured.

DO NOT pour if any part of tube is wet. Check bottom in particular.

Strip tube as soon as possible after concrete has set.

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