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Light Pole Bases formed with Smurfit Smooth Forms

As easy to use as Smurfit Concrete Column Forms™, Smurfit Smooth Forms™ certainly provide an enhanced look to the ordinary concrete column.

Typically a circular saw or utility knife is used to cut the form down to the blue inner layer. A utility knife is then used to score the blue layer. Using a pry bar or other appropriate tool split the inner layer along the score. It is then a simple matter to strip the rest of the form.

Care should be taken not to mar or scratch the surface of the column when removing the form.

When first stripped, the column formed with a Smurfit Smooth Forms™ will appear dark gray. Immediately, the column will begin to lighten.

The unique inner surface of the Smurfit Smooth Forms™ eliminates the formation of spiral lines. Also eliminated are the seams and flats spots that are produced by steel and fiberglass forms.

These columns were made using a six-bag mix with 2% air entrainment.