Thursday, August 4th, 2005
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On-the-Go Packaging for the “Go-Go” Generation

Today's population is constantly moving. How can food marketers capture the attention and needs of these consumers? Ease of use packaging is the key.
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The Front Panel
What's more important than bright colors and flashy graphics on your packaging? How about clear communication and simplified information.
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Go Special—Dress Your Brand in Foil, Ink and Film
The latest trend in high-end brand packaging today among cosmetics, hair and skin care, and sporting goods products is special effects packaging such as foils, films and inks.
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Future Packaging
What does the future hold for packaging? Look into the crystal ball to see the impact of the mega-stores, the senior market, global issues, RFID, and other factors on the packaging world.
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Smurfit-Stone will be showcasing its wide variety of products and services offerings at Pack Expo 2005.

When: September 26-28

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth #: C-2422


To learn more about Pack Expo 2005, please go here.

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Label Solutions

In-Line Perforated Labels
Smurfit-Stone's Label Solutions Group has recently developed an innovative in-line perforation feature for cut and stack paper labels, which offers manufacturers a much broader range of options when developing couponing and promotional programs designed to deliver value to consumers and drive increased sales.


  • Cut and stack labels utilizing in-line perforations for coupons and promotions now made more viable and cost effective using improved offset sheet-fed technology
  • Perforated label with backside printing and pull tab for easy consumer activation
  • Greater opportunity for multi-directional perforations without requiring substrate or process change
  • Effectively delivers various sizes and/or multiple coupons on a single label
  • Ideal delivery system for on-label coupons, instant-win promotions, fund raising programs, and interactive promotional activities directed at kids or adults
  • Consumer friendly system eliminates torn and tattered coupons, increasing rates of redemption and program effectiveness
  • Offers manufacturers a wider range of possibilities when designing on-package promotions designed to drive sales.

Shrink Sleeve Labels
Smurfit-Stone's Label Solutions Group produces shrink sleeve labels with the benefits of 360 degree billboard opportunity for use on any size or contoured shape container. Produced for either roll-fed or cut application, our 11-color rotogravure reverse printed graphics provide a high end marketing appeal with scuff resistant properties to maximize brand image.

Offering both full body shrink and tamper evident bands, including combo-pack and multi-pack applications, our state-of-the-art seaming equipment provides top-notch quality seams for application ease. Shrink sleeve labels are produced in our label plants in Cincinnati, OH, and Jacksonville, FL, with customers from the food and beverage, automotive, pet supply and personal care markets.

Shrink substrates range from PVC and PET(G) to OPS with a variety of ink options to enhance shelf impact - metallics, pearlescents, florescents, high white opacity, and thermal chromactic color change inks.

SSCC Label Solutions Group offers label design and container application support as well as customized order programs to ensure continuous supply. From project inception to delivered product, SSCC will bring innovative and high impact solutions to increase our customers' market success.

To learn more about our label capabilities, please go here.

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Oscar Mayer
Did you know that Smurfit-Stone makes the hotdog bands used by Kraft's Oscar Mayer brand? Printed with a total of nine colors across 16 hotdog varieties on 80# C1S paper stock, SSCC employs a proprietary technology in the cutting process to create the "crown" necessary for application ease in Kraft's plant. Our Litho Label facility in St. Charles, Il, ships over 100 million hotdog bands to Kraft each year, some including backside printed promotional graphics. The Litho Label Group also prints the labels for many other Kraft products, such as Kraft salad dressings and barbeque sauces, Maxwell House coffee and Crystal Light.