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A Sustainable Commitment

Sustainable development starts with the idea that success cannot be measured solely by financial results or compliance with laws. We must also weigh the environmental and social impacts of our business practices.  At Smurfit-Stone, we are working hard to harness conservation science and business ingenuity in ways that fulfill our core values: to improve our environmental footprint and help ensure a better quality of life for generations to come.

We're aware that today's environmental challenges demand more innovative approaches, and Smurfit-Stone demonstrates environmental responsibility everywhere we operate.  We are committed to being engaged with each community in which we do business.  We endeavor to meet our civic and legal obligations, and two ways we do that are by being environmentally responsible, and by working with and supporting civic groups, charities, and public agencies in our communities.

To meet the challenges of today's marketplace and operating environment, Smurfit-Stone is partnering creatively with government authorities, local organizations, and environmental advocacy groups to find constructive solutions to those challenges.

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