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These Packaging Workshops have been created to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Packaging Industry. Striking advancements are being made in packaging today. Evaluating the vital role this will play in your company's activities, it will be important to you and your company that you become familiar with this industry. When you have completed these workshops, you will come away with a new understanding and a greater working knowledge. Through these Workshops you now have the opportunity to expand that knowledge and skill in considerable measure.

These workshop manuals have been created to serve a two-fold purpose: as a textbook and as a reference source. As a textbook, you will be using this manual to study the subjects and become thoroughly familiar with it.

As a reference source, you will be able to access these manuals anytime from your office via the web. Having these at your fingertips, we believe you will often find this manual a handy problem-solver in the course of your day-to-day activities.

The greatest value, however, will be your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained to the work you are doing.

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