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Read about the Force Flow Packer Model 770 GWC-II

Force Flow Packer Model 770 GWC-II  

The Force Flow Packer Model 770 GWC-II far surpasses the weighing capabilities of any other existing valve bag packer. It has state-of-the-art computer capabilities plus a patented accurate scale. This packer handles a product range from fine powders up to 3/8" particle size with minimal product degradation. 

Field test results show a weighing accuracy of +/- 1 oz. @ 2 sigma for many products. The rugged design and high quality components ensure maximum continuous production. 

Features / Benefits

  • Proven patented mechanical scale system
  • Power conditioning transformer
  • Bag inflation circuit
  • Filling tube cleanout with settable delay
  • Pentium® CPU motherboard
  • Color video display
  • Keypad entry
  • Dynamic bar graph and digital weight display
  • Check weight/feedback
  • 16 bag weight history bar graph
  • Statistical Process Control: X–bar, range & sigma
  • Simple graphic operator instructions
  • Easy calibration
  • Graphic display of dribble flow
  • Pre-set operating programs for up to 15 products
  • Auto tare & auto zero
  • Auto shutdown
  • Bag discharge delay
  • Off weight alarms
  • Help screens
  • Computer input/output diagnostics
  • Blower motor control signal
  • Multiple level password security

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