Model 820-MP Jet Flow Impeller Packer

The electronic 820 MP Packer is designed to fill and weigh fine powders like lime, cement, talc, and sulfur dust. Filling rates of 2-8 bags per minute (50 lbs. bags) can be attained.


  • 4-Blade, horizontal shaft impeller
  • Upper and lower chambers with sight glass in upper chamber
  • Patented flexure weigh system and bag chair post for up to 34" long bags
  • Angular steel floor support frame
  • Easy access v-belt with split guarding
  • Impeller housing with rear cleanout door
  • Strain gauge load cell
  • Air operated, bulk and dribble pinch-tube cut-off
  • Swirl air blast filling tube cleanout and inflatable valve sealer
  • Air filter, pressure regulator, and lockable shut-off valve
  • 4" OD dust collection duct
  • Microcomputer based controller (NEMA 12)

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