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The Packaging Solutions Company
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From your very first packaging idea to the day the customer pulls the product off the shelf-one company has the solutions to help you take your package wherever you want it to go. Smurfit-Stone.

As a global packaging company, Smurfit-Stone brings together a world of resources and expertise to create the perfect package for your product. Our approach integrates the talents of many kinds of packaging specialists, including sales, research, package engineering, graphic design, printing, and merchandising. We provide a seamless solution that answers your packaging needs on every level-meeting and exceeding the challenges of your entire supply chain.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. Discover how the total packaging solutions of Smurfit-Stone can bring your packaging to life.

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Packaging Partnership Benefits
Local Service, Global Reach
Broad Product Line
Vast Array of Services
Packaging Market Leader
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