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What is DI-NA-CAL®?

DI-NA-CAL is a modern heat-transfer system for decorating plastic containers that includes both the DI-NA-CAL decorative label and the DI-NA-CAL decorating machines. The gravure printed graphics are delivered in roll form and transferred to the plastic container by the fully automatic decorating machine.

DI-NA-CAL is also the complete decorating system. From concept to the finished decorated container, Dinagraphics can provide it all…all these advantages.

Multiple Colors

With the DI-NA-CAL system your designs can be reproduced in multiplate colors, including transparent and opaque inks and 4-color process illustrations.

All decorations are reverse printed and protected by a special lacquer coating. A custom formulated adhesive coating is used to bond the decoration to the plastic container.

Gravure Printed Graphics

With the DI-NA-CAL system all decorations are gravure printed, a process which is recognized throughout the packaging industry as the most accurate for color consistency.

To insure the best in gravure quality,we engrave our own cylinders. These precisely etched cylinders give you superb reproduction of transparent or reflective art whether it be line, tone or process. On press, quality is assured through the use of electronic-eye registration systems to control color-to-color registration, as well as a video camera systems to monitor the press production.

The presses are also equipped with electro-static assist systems which enhance the fidelity of tone images. Because DI-NA-CAL decorations are printed by gravure, your graphics can include the brilliance and flair of metallic and fluorescent inks.


With a DI-NA-CAL label you have a colorful container decoration that resists fading, scuffing, staining and wicking. It stands up to squeezing, freezing and even baking by the sun.

How can it be that tough? Because it actually becomes an integral part of the container. The adhesive and special coatings are developed by our Research and Development Center to give you both the best adhesion to your particular resin and the best shield against your product’s adverse effects.

DI-NA-CAL decorations are tougher than the chemicals in nearly every product we’ve tested. From automotive and marine to detergents and cosmetics. Because DI-NA-CAL labels last, your product’s name and "good looks" are in front of the customer throughout the product’s life, in addition to detailed charts, instructions, safety messages and UPC symbols


With the DI-NA-CAL system flexibility begins with the wide range of shapes and sizes of plastic containers that can be decorated. We have a system to suit your needs whether it is for rounds, ovals, squares or conicals; with or without handles; wide mouths or narrow necks; from 1 ounce to 21/2
gallons plus. In fact, all 4 sides of some containers can be decorated in a single pass.

The DI-NA-CAL system will adapt to your needs. The decorating equipment can be used in-line with blow molding machines and filling operations or as an independent decorating module. As your needs change, the portability of DI-NA-CAL machines allows you to change with them.

Even if you’re already involved with another heat-transfer system, our reliable, inexpensive conversion attachment will allow you to utilize DI-NA-CAL labels.


A DI-NA-CAL decorated bottle is fully recyclable and does not require the label to be removed before the bottle is reground for use as PCR.


Our dependable service and product are backed by experienced, knowledgeable engineers, chemists, pressmen, artists and sales personnel.

Let us show you how all these advan-
tages and more are available with the DI-NA-CAL decorating system.

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