The high-speed DI-NA-CAL® 700PLC-F A Proven High Speed Production Decorator

A Proven High Speed Production Decorator

The DI-NA-CAL 700PLC uses a straight-line design principle to apply decorations to as many as 350 plus containers per minute - depending on their size and shape. Designed to be used in-line with blow molding or filling operations, the 700PLC offers you:

  • Programmable Logic Control for:
    1. Accurate decoration placement.
    2. Through process control.
    3. Operator Safety.
  • Handles containers from 11oz to 21/2 Gallons.
  • Excellent adhesion of the decoration to virtually all commercial container resins.
  • Simultaneous application of front and back decorations.

DI-NA-CAL® Model 700PLC-D
Machine Specifications

Compressed air supply 80 PSI at approx. 1000 SCFH.
Natural Gas 4" to 10" W/C Pressure at approx. 100 SCFH (3/4" Pipe).
Propane Gas 4" to 10" W/C Pressure at approx. 50 SCFH (3/4" Pipe).
Electrical 220-240VAC 60 Cycle 3 Phase 35 Amps.

  • Variable Speed Control: Decoration placement on containers is maintained during speed changes.
  • Continuous digital readouts of decorating speed & process temperatures.
  • Automatic diagnostic system which stops machine on failures, tells the operator why it stopped, and where to look to correct the problem quickly.

Space requirements:

  • Length 23’ 10"
  • Width 5’ 2"
  • Height 61"
  • Weight Approx. 5000 lbs.
  • Conveyor Height 36"
  • Decorating Speed…350 plus containers per minute dependent upon size and shape.
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