The dependable
DI-NA-CAL® 0810A

It’s our original heat-transfer system. It automatically decorates both sides of a plastic container simultaneously and can even decorate all four sides of some containers in a single pass.

Whether used in-line with blow molding machines, filling operations or as an independent decorating module, the dependable DI-NA-CAL 0810A model is especially effective with ovals and square shapes. Capable of decorating up to 30 containers per minute, the model 0810A also offers.

Excellent adhesion of the gravure decorations to a wide variety of container resins.

  • Accurate placement of the decoration onto the container.
  • Economical tooling for rapid changeover to accommodate various container sizes.
  • A special waste-eliminating sensing device that tells the machine to withhold a label when a bottle is not present at the decorating station.
  • Large label roll capacity for minimum changeover, longer runs.
  • Compactness and real portability.
  • Continuous digital readouts of preheat and platen process temperatures.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for highly reliable electronic control system.

DI-NA-CAL® Model 0810A
Machine Specifications

Compressed air supply 80 PSI at approx. 300 SCFH. Natural Gas 4" to 10" W/C Pressure at approx. 50 SCFH (3/4" Pipe).
Propane Gas 4" to 10" W/C Pressure at approx. 25 SCFH (3/4" Pipe).
Electrical 220-240VAC 60 Cycle 1 Phase 3 wire w/ground 30 amps.

Space requirements:

  • Length 75 inches
  • Width 62 inches
  • Height 54 inches
  • Weight 2,000 lbs.
  • In-Feed Conveyor Length 56 inches
  • Speed: Machine decorating speeds for average containers is 10 to 30 BPM.
  • Note: Container size and configuration determine speed.

The Easy-To-Install DI-NA-CAL® Conversion Attachment

With the easy-to-install conversion attachment, you can have all the advantages of our DI-NA-CAL labels even if you’re currently using other heat-transfer labeling equipment.

Our conversion attachment was designed by our R&D engineers to enable a sprocket type decorator to use the DI-NA-CAL labels with electric-eye marks for automatic label registration or blanking capability to read label copy.

The conversion unit was designed for ease of installation, without altering the decorating machine.

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