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Principles in Practice

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Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

April 2001





Environmental Principles

1. We believe that we are responsible to the communities in which we live and work to operate our facilities in a way that protects natural resources, including land, air, and water. To that end, Smurfit-Stone promotes recovery of manufacturing, converting, and consumer discards for reuse and recycling, and to make environmental considerations top priorities in operating existing facilities as well as in planning new ones.

2. We recognize the environmental effects of the manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal of our products and promote their recovery for reuse and recycling of materials that would otherwise become solid waste.

3. We will monitor and regularly report on environmental performance in our facilities.

4. We will train employees and promote awareness and accountability for their environmental responsibilities.

5. We strive to improve environmental performance through support of research and development.

6. We communicate openly about environmental issues with our employees, customers, suppliers, and host communities.

7. We participate constructively in the development of public policies on environmental issues.

8. We will pursue energy conservation, increased energy efficiency, greater utilization of alternatives to fossil fuels, and opportunities for generation of electricity.