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Principles in Practice

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Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

April 2001





Principle in Practice:
To promote environmental training, awareness and accountability


Smurfit-Stone's environmental training addresses two fundamental questions: what must be done to comply with government regulations, and what must be done proactively to operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner. General environmental-awareness training familiarizes general managers, plant managers, and environmental coordinators from each plant with government regulations and Smurfit-Stone policies. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) training focuses on developing and maintaining environmentally friendly operating processes and practices. Environmental Coordinator Training deals with the more detailed, day-to-day operations, i.e., government regulations and requirements for compliance. Since SSCC's formation in November 1998, the corporate program has trained more than 500 management and staff personnel in environmental matters.

As part of our commitment to understanding and addressing community concerns, as well as to openly share information related to the environment, Smurfit-Stone has designed and implemented a new training program. This program not only facilitates communication between individual facilities and the communities in which they do business, it also addresses the best ways to respond to the needs of the media in clear, understandable terms. This issues management and communications training helps our mills and plants deal internally with any situation that may arise but also teaches participants how to respond to questions and prepare for media and public inquiries.

The first phase of the communications program was completed in 2000 with the training of key personnel from our containerboard mills, forestry, and environmental staff. The next phase will begin in the spring of 2001 with our folding carton plants.

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