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Specialty Packaging

Smurfit-Stone's specialty packaging business includes bag packaging operations, industrial tube and core manufacturing, flexible packaging, and contract packaging service.

Multiwall Bags
Smurfit-Stone's multiwall packaging holds, protects, and ships a wide range of industrial and commercial products, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building products, concrete, food, fertilizer, salt, feed, and seed. Bags can be customized with easy-open features, handles, and resealable closures. A variety of liners, treatments, and coatings can be incorporated into bags to solve particular packaging challenges. Bag styles include sewn open mouth (SOM); pasted valve (PSVE); pinch-bottom open mouth (PBOM); and pasted open mouth (POM). We have also developed and patented many innovative products, such as Cap-Sac®, PeelPak®, Soni-Loc®, Peel-N-Pour™, SquareStack™, and SquareSak™.

Consumer Bags
Smurfit-Stone is the industry's leading manufacturer of small consumer bags for food and other products sold at retail outlets, including pet food and litter, cookies, flour, baking mixes, and microwave popcorn. The company's outstanding graphic capabilities, ranging from computer-controlled, state-of-the-art central-impression, flexographic presses to precise rotogravure presses, inspire customer creativity and increase the shelf presence and marketability of products.

Specialty Bags
By holding a variety of packaging products to fit specific needs, specialty bags include environmental bags such as YardMaster®, which is used for lawn and yard waste; and industrial wraps for roofing shingles and other similar products.

Technical and Graphic Centers
Located at Smurfit-Stone's multiwall plant in Cantonment, Florida, technical and graphic centers offer customers a one-stop shop for unsurpassed technical and graphics expertise. They supply customers with product development, package design, and a host of other elements to create the ideal package.

Bag Packaging Equipment and Systems (additional information)
An integral part of Smurfit-Stone's bag operations, our complete line of bag packaging equipment places, fills, weighs, closes, and seals multiwall and bulk bags. This equipment includes proven bag conveyors, bag flatteners, checkweighers, and bag palletizers. Innovative equipment, such as the patented Ultrasonic Sealer, seals multiwall valve bags, using ultrasonic sound. Our machines package more than 1,000 different commodities made of particles, including powders, granules, and flakes. The Bag Packaging Equipment Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, makes our engineers and technicians available to help customers develop their own total packaging systems.

Tubes, Cores, and Partitions
Smurfit-Stone is a leading producer of paper tubes and cores, which are used by the textile, paper, film, and carpet industries. Specialized products include furniture forms and explosive cartridges. Our tube and core operations provide a strong national support network for customers with multiple manufacturing locations. The SSCC Partition Group sets the standard for quality and cleanliness with an unparalleled range of locking styles, features, and board grades. Solid fiber and paperboard partitions are specifically designed for customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, glass container, automotive, and medical supply industries. Virtually all of these products are made with uncoated recycled board.

Flexible Packaging
SSCC is a major supplier in several flexible packaging categories, including such hard-to-contain products as detergent, fabric softeners, and liquid chemicals. We also supply thermoformed cups for fast-food applications, over-wraps for transdermal patch products, and retortable pouches used by the military. Our flexible packaging group manufactures a complete line of plain and printed polyethylene bags, sheeting, and tubing in a variety of colors with custom treatments for specific applications.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Through our relationship with Marino Technologies, Inc., in Opa Locka, Florida, we market and sell a full line of custom-engineered, flexible intermediate bulk containers for semi-bulk packing and shipping.

Contract Packaging
Our contract packaging operations provide highly versatile, problem-solving resources, including hand loading and customized equipment for complex assembles. Along with our plant in Portage, Indiana, we provide management services for Houston-based Compaq Computer. Many of our packaging services are delivered at the customer's site.