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Smurfit-Stone has built the largest reclamation business in the industry and now collects and processes approximately 7 million tons of recycled paper a year. Our recycling business has the capacity and flexibility to handle recovered paper generated by industrial, commercial, and residential sources, including grocery and retail chains, manufacturers, offices, commercial centers, and curbside.

Roughly half of the fiber collected is used in our own mills. The rest is sold on the open market. About half of the volume collected is old corrugated containers (OCC); another quarter is old newspapers (ONP); and the rest is a variety of grades, including old magazines (OMG). While recovered paper collection makes up a majority of our sales, SSCC centers also handle aluminum cans, glass, and plastics. Smurfit-Stone's Waste Reduction Services help a wide range of customers solve waste management problems, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Wood Fiber

Smurfit-Stone's U.S. and Canadian mills use a total of 26.4 million tons of wood fiber annually. All of our wood is purchased on the open market from non-industrial landowners, other companies, and the state and federal government. We also arrange through contractors to have stumpage harvested and brought to our facilities. Another source of fiber is residual chips that come primarily from sawmills. Ninety percent of Missoula, Montana, mill's wood flow comes in the form of residual chips. As a result of the St. Laurent acquisition, we now own 1 million acres of fee ownership in Quebec, which is used to supplement the wood supply into the LaTuque, Quebec, mill.