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A superior line of anti-counterfeit and traceable packaging protection. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when the copy appears to be identical to the original, it's called counterfeiting - a multi-billion dollar worldwide problem. Particularly hard hit are consumer branded companies that invest vast sums in building brand equity, only to see it eroded by the inferior performance of phony, look-alike products. Not only are these companies losing money, they are exposed to product failure liability litigation, loss of consumer confidence, and undermining of their brands' reputation in the marketplace.

The MasterGuard™ Advantage

Smurfit-Stone, a world leader in paper-based packaging, and Isotag Technology Inc., a leading expert in anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion solutions, have teamed to develop an exclusive line of anti-counterfeiting and traceable packaging products. Called the MasterGuard™ system, it includes two technically advanced and deceptively simple products - AuthentiPak™ and TrackPak™. Together, they provide the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of each customer.


Covert, invisible, and virtually impossible to detect or copy, AuthentiPak™ embodies two distinct technologies. The first includes a chemical marker or "signature" that is applied to the package in coatings or ink. Several chemical markers are available to provide customers with unique signatures for their products. A simple-to-operate, hand-held device, used to authenticate the otherwise undetectable marker, clearly identifies the counterfeits. A green or red light indicates whether the product or package is genuine or a fake.

This unique, field-tested, covert marker is backed up by a foolproof molecular fingerprint that is laboratory tested and provides incontrovertible evidence of authenticity. Developed from a discovery at the U.S. Los Alamos National Laboratories, the molecular tag is absolutely undetectable, meets FDA standards for food and beverages, and furnishes evidence that is more conclusive than a human fingerprint.


An entry-level product designed to track and protect packages against unauthorized diversion, TrackPak™ is an invisible ink system that can be inkjet applied at Smurfit-Stone or at the customer's facility. A secure, affordable, invisible ink that can be adapted to all printing technologies, TrackPak™ can be detected and read only through a sophisticated, palm-size, laser-based viewing device that is activated by pressing a single button.


  • Superior and technically advanced - The combined knowledge, experience, and technical know-how of Smurfit-Stone and Isotag, a respected leader in product security, has produced one of the most affordable, invisible, and secure verification and tracking technologies on the market.

  • Multiple levels of security - Creating barriers in breaking and duplicating the system as well as adding flexibility in design for each customer.

  • On-site verification - Quick, discreet verification providing conclusive evidence of authenticity.

  • Global availability - Smurfit-Stone is the only global company that can provide MasterGuard™ on a worldwide basis.

Features of the MasterGuard™ Program

Uniquely designed for each customer - Developing a MasterGuard™ marking system for each customer means determining the need for AuthentiPak™ or TrackPak™ technologies and tailoring the design of chemical "signature" to specific packages, testing environment, and methodology. Once a customer has selected the MasterGuard™ system, the Smurfit-Stone/Isotag scientific and technical team does the rest.

  • Security - Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding customers' tags and methodology. Smurfit-Stone's MasterGuard™ program maintains a secure, limited-access log of special detectors for each customer's chemical signatures, thus preventing unauthorized access or copying.

  • Training - The Smurfit Stone/Isotag team has designed a training program to familiarize customers with MasterGuard™ technologies and applications. The program also instructs customers who choose to perform their own investigative and/or enforcement functions.

  • Customer support - For those customers who do not opt to conduct their own field investigations, the MasterGuard™ team, in partnership with experts in personal and property security and investigative techniques, offers consulting services and/or trained personnel to field test products, using MasterGuard™ technology.

  • World-class technical support - Isotag's credentials in covert marking technology are unsurpassed. The Isotag laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico performs ongoing research and development aimed at improving and expanding the parameters of covert protections. Isotag professionals are available to provide technical support to Smurfit-Stone customers, as well as expert testimony in cases involving enforcement or product liability litigation.