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Smurfit-Stone Announces Plans to Discontinue Rotogravure Cylinder Manufacturing Operations at Middletown Facility

CHICAGO, October 11, 1999 -- Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation (Nasdaq: SSCC) today announced its intention to discontinue rotogravure cylinder manufacturing operations at the Smurfit Graphic Arts facility in Middletown, OH.

The decision to discontinue operations was made after long and careful review of the plant's operations. Numerous factors were taken into consideration, including near- and long-term capital requirements, operating margins, cash flow and strategic fit. Since the plant will continue graphics programming operations for some period of time, the exact impact on the plant's 46 hourly and 15 salaried employees has not yet been determined. The Middletown plant is part of Smurfit-Stone's specialty packaging division, one of the company's six different manufacturing divisions.

Smurfit-Stone will continue to operate its rotogravure cylinder manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, NC. The cylinders are used to print labels and folding cartons for a wide-range of consumer-branded products.

Smurfit-Stone is the industry's leading manufacturer of paper and paperboard-based packaging, including corrugated containers, folding cartons, and industrial bags. It is the largest producer of containerboard and kraft paper, and the largest collector, marketer, and exporter of recovered fiber. The company, which was formed November 18, 1998 as a result of the merger between Jefferson Smurfit Corporation and Stone Container Corporation, operates approximately 300 facilities worldwide.

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