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Linear Lamination

This state-of-the-art process, in which an outer ply of printed clay-coated board is laminated to an inner ply composite barrier material, provides unsurpassed strength and durability. Choose from round and non-round multi-ply fabrications. PaperCan™‘s printing (gravure, offset or flexo) and construction technologies are unsurpassed in speed and quality.

Shape: Round and non-round.

Construction: Produced by laminating multi-plies together and staggering joint positions, which are then drawn and wrapped in a linear fashion along a shaped mandrel--the most innovative development
in winding techniques.

Composition: Multi-ply

  • Outer Ply: Printed clay-coated boxboard, serving as both label and sturdy body.
  • Inner Ply: A composite barrier material constructed to meet product requirements.

Tightness: A heat-sealed anaconda fold is available.

Printing: Gravure, offset or flexo.

Output: Currently 98 feet (30 meters) to 150 feet (45 meters) cut bodies per minute. Near-future upgrade will achieve 100 to 150 feet+ cans per minute.

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