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Lids, Membranes And Bottoms


PaperCan™ holds the license to the Eco-Can Integrated Paperboard Lid patent for North America and South America. This patent provides the exclusive technology to produce an integrated all-paperboard lid from a deep-drawn paperboard disc. In addition to the original patent, PaperCan™ has developed a number of additional new designs which are patent-pending. Our innovative lid designs facilitate opening, pouring and resealing, for optimum shelf life. State-of-the-art cutting, fitting and sealing (hinged or stand-alone) meet your products' exact specifications for highest quality tightness and durability.

Lidding Shape: Round and non-round integrated fit. Easy open, easy reclosure.

Lid Construction: Lids are all paperboard punched from a web, and deep-drawn. Single-use or multi-use lift-off or flip-top hinge fabrication (flip-top hinge design utilizes an easy-open membrane to facilitate product freshness and maximize shelf life).

Lid Composition: Lids are all-paperboard-based, barrier-coated or laminated to meet product barrier specifications.

Seal Technology: Fitted and sealed into the top of the can; the can sidewall is curled inwards to create the lid sidewall.

Output: Output varies dramatically with size, style and function.


Membranes can be constructed from a variety of barrier materials to meet product barrier specifications. Our durable membranes provide package support and tightness, ensuring optimum shelf life.


Bottoms are barrier-coated or laminated and maintain product integrity by sealing over the raw body edge. Our flange-style paperboard bottoms maintain barrier by thoroughly covering the raw body edge--and cost, on average, 60% less than metal equivalents.

Bottom Shape: Round and non-round.

Construction: Flange-style paperboard disc.

Composition: Lids are all-paperboard-based, barrier-coated or laminated
to meet product barrier specifications.

Output: 60 to 300 cans per minute, depending upon size and style.

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