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1. Who provides the equipment layout drawings for turnkey systems?
Our fully staffed engineering department provides drawings for plant layouts, and single source projects with the latest version of AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop.

2. Where can I purchase parts for your equipment?
We use shelf-item components, which can be purchased through your local supply house or through Packaging Systems with 24 hour service.

3. Do you have an easy changeover on your equipment?
Yes. Changeover time varies depending upon the equipment and special customer requirements; however, we do strive where possible to make tool-less changeover with hand crank adjustments to minimize changeover time.

4. Do you make your own machines?
Yes. We are a complete engineering and manufacturing division of Smurfit-Stone Container with a full line of packaging machinery. We also partner with most other equipment manufacturers to supply their equipment when requested or needed.

5. Can you help us with financing or purchasing the equipment?
Yes. We have a leasing option available through our Packaging Systems Financial Services, which offers different types of leases to suit your particular situation. (click here for more info)

6. What kind of programmable controllers do you use in your equipment?
Allen Bradley PLC’s are our standard, however we build to customer specifications and are able to option just about any other PLC requested.

7. Do you offer service with your equipment?
Yes, service and installation are offered with every piece of equipment we sell. Please view our Service Page for more detailed information.

8. Do I have to be a current customer of Smurfit-Stone to purchase equipment?
No. Smurfit-Stone is the only corrugated company that has it’s own packaging machinery division that has equipment for all customers and potential customers. With our corrugated knowledge we can offer single source responsibility.

Contact us today for more information at , or simply fill out our Request for Information form so we can review your requirements as soon as possible.

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