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Fully-automatic hot melt case erector bottom

1515/1516 Case Erector/Bottom Sealers high-speed automatic case erectors that select, erect, square, and seal the bottom flaps of RSC and HSC containers at speeds up to 35 cases per minute.

Features & Specifications of the 1515/1516 Case Erector

  • High-speed operation – erects up to 35 cases per minute for maximum productivity.
  • Large capacity magazine (up to 150 cases) – eliminates full-time operator requirement. Large capacities available with optional magazine extensions.
  • 6-foot right angle automatic case magazine (manual for 1516) – automatically indexes case stacks into position.
  • Unique case selection system – enables machine to handle warped board, corrugated variations.
  • Opposing vacuum cups in erecting station – allows machine to slowly separate cases as they are erected, effectively breaking score lines and over-glued manufacturer’s joints.
  • Hand cranks allow fast and easy changeover without tools.
  • Vacuum transducers instead of vacuum pumps – reduce downtime due to corrugated dust clogging vanes of vacuum pumps.
  • PLC controlled – positive control of timing sequence.

Machine Options:

  • Erected Case Backlog Control
  • Cluster Lubrication
  • In-line Case Magazine
  • Additional Length Magazine
  • Extra Large Models
  • Opposite Hand Machines
  • Case Stack Squaring Device
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Case Magazine Capacity – Two stacks of knockdown case blanks with a maximum height of 20 inches per stack dependent upon speed. Right angle magazine is standard.


Standard Case Size Range in inches
Range L W D
Min. 8 5 6.5
Max.** 24 16 24*

* Includes flaps (4" minimum case depth). Larger sizes available.

Operation Speed – Up to 35 cases/minute, depending upon case size.

Power Requirements:
  • Electrical – 230/460/3/60
  • Air – 80 PSI (clean dry air)
  • Max Free Air Consumption – 2.0 cfm per cycle

Shipping Weight – 3,750 lbs (approx.)

Right Hand Machines Shown
Model 1515

Click to enlarge drawing

Model 1516

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