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A straight line, low operating cost packaging machine that automatically forms and seals corrugated blanks around individual or multiple products

Features & Specifications of the RAM 300 Wraparound Case Packer

RAM 300 cost saving advantages include:
  • Labor savings – one person operation
  • Material savings – up to 25% less board than conventional RSC’s
  • Compact design
  • Better product protection – boxes can be tightly packed to reduce product-shifting damage, yet fragile items can be safely packaged and efficiently stacked.


  • Microprocessor controller
  • Reprogramming capabilities that minimize downtime
  • Minimal maintenance since it does not use mechanical relays or timers
  • Pre-form tray section – partially forms the box for easy loading of multiple or unsteady products
  • Automatic blank feeder – provides faster cycling sequence
  • Positive compression system – insures secure glue lap and side flaps sealing for better product protection in shipping and warehousing
  • Quick change adjustment – easy access for fast changes in box sizes
  • Sliding Lexan® panels – permit easy access for fast servicing

Machine Options:

  • Cluster lubrication
  • Communications module
  • Side taping
  • High capacity blank hopper
  • Extra large models
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Box Styles – Wrap around RSC, FOL, POL, or Tray; Inside or outside manufacturer’s joint

Operating Speeds:

  • Operated paced up to 15 cycles per minute depending upon product limitations

Size Changeover: 15 minutes or less

Power Requirements:

  • Electrical: 230 / 460/3/60
  • Air: 80 PSI (clean dry air)
  • Max Free Air Consumption – 2.0 cfm per cycle

Shipping Weight: 1,800 lbs. (approximately)

Click to enlarge drawing

Click to enlarge drawing

Click to enlarge drawing

Range L W D
Min. 4 4 6
Max. 14 10 28

Range L W D
Min. 4 2 6
Max. 14 10 28

For FOL, W+D not to exceed 22 inches
*W Dimension not to exceed 11.5", including glue flap
**L+W Dimension not to exceed 21", including glue flap
Special quotations required for other size combinations
Contact us today for more information at , or simply fill out our Request for Information form so we can review your requirements as soon as possible.

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