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Our product line is extensive and our machines are available in various configurations and will handle a wide variety of products and line speeds. And, because of this, our Systems Specialists can always match models to your exact needs, from trayformers to our wraparound series of case packers which forms boxes, packages product into the boxes and seals them.

Select from the list below to get a detailed description of our products and their specifications.

Note: All illustrations and specifications are subject to change without notice and any drawing dimensions are not to scale and are approximate. Machines shown without guards are for illustration purposes only. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions.

Packomatic™ line of Case Erecting
Case Erector - Glue: (The 1515/1516 Case Erector Bottom Sealers)
Case Erector - Tape: (The 1517 Case Erector Bottom Sealer)

Packomatic™ line of Case Packing
Model 1587/1588 Automatic Case Packers

RAP-A-MAT™ line of Wrap around Case Packing
Model RAM 300: semi-automatic
Model RAM 350: fully automatic
Model RAM 398: fully automatic
Model RAM 400: Semi-automatic for large, difficult to package product

Packomatic™ line of Case Sealing
Model 1023: fully automatic; top and/or bottom sealing; tape or hot melt; up to 30 CPM
Model 1052: fully automatic; top and/or bottom sealing; tape (top only) or hot melt; up to 50 CPM
Model 1054: semi-automatic; top and/or bottom sealing; tape (top only) or hot melt; operator paced
Model 1130: fully automatic; top only sealing; tape or hot melt; up to 50 CPM
Automatic Side Flange Case Sealer: closes top flaps and seals side flanges

Series 4400 Trayformers

Bag Liner/Inserter
SLI Series (SLI Bag Liner / Inserter)

Skin Packaging
SPM Series

Special Applications

Systems Integrations

Contact us today for more information at , or simply fill out our Request for Information form so we can review your requirements as soon as possible.

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